Don’t try to do a complete drawing all at once. Spend all the time you can doodling with stick figures. Stay with them for hours, days, weeks if you feel like it, until they become second nature to you - until you can create virtually any pose you can think of.

~ Stan Lee & John Buscema

I think every artist, beginner or professional once and a while forgets this. I just wanted to post a reminder,

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Here is my piece for the “Turtles In Time” TMNT 30th Anniversary Art Show opening this Friday 10/3 at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY!

I did my take on the Nickelodeon turtles as an hommage to all my buddies who work on the show. Booyakasha to them!

Check out these links for more info:

I’m more of a COWABUNGA dude myself, but this is AWESOME! <3

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Artist - 池上のろし

This is just f’ing beautiful.  It’s all of The Majors!

Fucking kudos to you there, artist.

[Yes, before fans of this blog point it out to me.  I know it’s not ALL of The Majors.  There are a bunch of male guerrilla fighters, Scylla, and that one dude that ran the Solid State that are missing, etc.  But this is at least all of the ‘major’ Majors. ;p   Or to be more precise, it’s ALL of the Motokos.]

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These feels?



Bout time you showed up!

Bout time you showed up!

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Here's Every Costume Spider-Man Has Ever Worn

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has had his share of costume changes over the years. Here are 24 of his classic outfits.
Got overly excited when seeing the “Spider-Clan” costume!


"Do you know how to use the shadows and the night" (Grayson Futures End #1) nsfw

That’s deep Bruce, really deep!

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BUTOFCOURSE! # LegendofKorra #eska #WaterTribe #badpuns



Costume design in 10 steps.

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Splinter’s family portrait.

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about the Steven Universe episode aired tonight:

the network had a color glitch on Ocean Gem— above is how the scenes with Lapis’ water head were intended to appear. (In the aired version you can barely see it, which is a shame! we’re all so bummed!)

CN has assured us that this glitch will be fixed in all repeat airings, which is all the more reason to tune in next week and watch it again!!!

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Most of my future children tag is cute brown children being fabulous and clearly belonging to me in spirit, but I’m making an exception for this tweet because if I don’t raise my kids to give that exact same response, then I have failed as a parent.

Who is this woman and can I send her a thank-you gift basket and a Black Parenting Award?  This is why it is imperative that we teach our children real history outside of textbooks constructed by, written for, and approved by white men whose re-telling of history conveniently glosses over atrocities and minimizes suffering.

"bold new idea"

I want to go to that school and set fire to every history book in the building.

Calling the enslavement of millions of people a “bold new idea” is pretty immoral itself, if you ask me.

In case anyone needs more context for why these students in Colorado are fighting for their AP History courses

Because students and educators in Arizona have already had their entire Ethnic studies curriculum outlawed, and have tried to gather these marginalized histories into underground libraries

In Texas in 2010, textbooks that are currently used all over the U.S. and even some districts in Canada were given a conservative “makeover” by elected officials to the outrage of historians...

This is happening all over the United States, and I hope people are paying attention. We are tired of seeing our histories erased.

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Big Hero 6 Concept Art - Hiro and Tadashi

BH6 Concept Masterpost

The Artbook is out right?

… RIGHT?!?

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